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Medical Supplies

Allegro - Whether you are a professional looking to provide your patients with the best possible care, shopping for a loved one, or just need that something to make life a bit more enjoyable, Allegro is here for you. From customized wheelchairs to health care books and orthopedic products, Allegro has it all.* This is a very nice site with plenty of medical supplies for the home.

AllMed - Where EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement and the Nursing Professions 'Click'!™* Emergency medical supplies.

CWI Medical - CWI Medical is committed to making your life better by providing Top Quality supplies for incontinence, nutrition, wound care, and diagnostics. We have obtained accreditation from ACHC to show our dedication to our customers. Informative articles, safe and secure shopping at*

Emergency Medical Products, Inc. - Emergency Medical Products is your one-stop shop for EMS medical supplies and equipment.

Serving EMS agencies and professionals for over 30 years, EMP understands your needs and serves them with an unrivalled range of EMS medical supplies and equipment. Over 100,000 EMS Fire/Rescue, Public Safety and Emergency Healthcare agencies rely on EMP.

Shop our comprehensive on-line catalog of first aid and emergency medical supplies used for Fire and EMS, home health supplies or other medical emergency care needs. Let our experienced staff of EMT/Firefighters assist you.
* - e-pill® Medication Reminders and Practical Patient Compliance Systems: e-pill is the leading provider of Medication Reminders, Pill Organizers, Medical Watches (vibrating or sound), Automatic Tablet Dispensers, Medical Alarm Clocks, Multi-Alarms, Pill Boxes, Vitamin Boxes & Medical Jewelry. FREE Shipping (US only - outside US $15.00 per order). 30 day money back guarantee.*

ID Tags Online - Medical ID Bracelets, Medical ID Jewelry, Medical ID Tags, Medical ID Dog Tags. - Hello and welcome to - web store dedicated for your medical identification needs. Please feel free to brows over our medical ID jewelry offering, to find item, which better fits your taste and need. We are continuously adding new Medical ID Bracelets and other ID Jewelry to our offering.

For all of types and styles of medical ID bracelets and id jewelry we offer free engraving and shipment Worldwide!

In October of 2008 I purchased this particular Sports-Band ID Bracelet from ID Tags Online and have not had any issues with spam from the special e-mail account I created just for this purchase. I'm very happy with the quality of the band and ID tag along with the production of the tag information. This particular tag can hold lots of info and can also be used as a shoelace tag. If you want a place to purchase an ID bracelet that is different from the plain-Jane metal bracelets sold everywhere else, give this company a try. 03/13/2009

Life-Assist, Inc. - Life-Assist, Inc. is a full-line distributor of high-quality emergency medical supplies and equipment. Since 1977, we’ve specialized in customer service, with customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal. You’ll never talk to a computer when you call Life-Assist - only trained, knowledgeable, and friendly customer service representatives. We pride ourselves on responding to the ever-changing needs of the EMS professional, and constantly strive to stay informed about the current procedures and equipment used in the pre-hospital environment.*

- Medical Accessories and Supplies Headquarters - We provide the highest quality of products and services related to the home medical supplies and equipment industry. The patient's health and safety will always be our first concern.* A very nice site with a large selection of medical supplies for the home.

MedicAlert® is a service that protects and saves the lives of its Members by providing identification and information in a medical emergency. The MedicAlert® 24-hour Emergency Response Center answers calls from emergency responders, who recognize and respond to the famous MedicAlert® Emblem, which is worn by the Member on a bracelet or neck chain. MedicAlert® is the original nonprofit emergency medical information service founded by a physician more than 45 years ago. There is no substitute for the comprehensive 24-hour protection it provides.*

Pneumatic Compression Devices - Sequential and intermittent compression counteracts blood flow stasis by increasing peak  blood flow velocity. As a result, less blood is allowed to pool in veins thus decreasing the chances for thrombus formation. In addition, compression has an anticlotting effect by increasing fibrolytic activity which in turn stimulates the release of plasminogen activator. These two physiological effects, in combination with the mechanical movement of fluid in a proximal direction, make the sequential devices effective in preventing and treating DVT, lymphedema, and venous insufficiency (15).

Compression Devices - This page was created by first year PT students from the University of Delaware: Our intention was to provide those interested in compression devices with a comprehensive review of the relevant literature and to expose those unfamiliar with them to examples of each type.

RTA Medical Supply takes the hassle out of shopping for all your home health care and medical supply needs. Shop our convenient on-line store anytime, day or night, from the comfort and privacy of your home. Your purchases will be shipped in 24 hours and delivered right to your door. We’ll even take care of your Medicare and insurance billing, which could save you up to 80% or more!

For more information on insurance and Medicare billing, please call our toll free number (800-824-4127) and one of our trained and friendly representatives will be happy to work with you.

The Med Supply Guide - is here to help make buying medical supplies online easier than ever. We have compiled a list of the industry's top suppliers as well as medical supply information that will allow you to make a more informed decision. Please see the FDA warning on purchasing medical products online.

No more sifting through pages of vendors who don't have exactly what you need. gets you directly to a supplier who has the exact products you require.

*These sites have been quoted directly as I believe what they say about their sites or they already know what to say, better than I do.
These names and logos belong to and are copyrighted or trademarked by the site owners.

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